Author: Maximilian Fischer

Compelling Events – The Secret to Short and Successful Sales Cycles

At a glance The success of winning a deal massively depends on whether there is a compelling event A compelling event forces your customer to act to avoid a negative consequence or trigger a positive one Identify compelling events in the sales cycles by asking the target problem and implication questions You know the situation. Your customer sends you positive buying signals, your solution fits the described problem perfectly, you send an offer, and then … nothing. You follow up with your contact, but nothing happens. You don’t lose to a competitor, you don’t lose to anyone, but your...

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Digitizing Cellular Manufacturing – Easily identify Factory digitization Projects

At a glance Self-organized manufacturing cells benefit from digital communication regarding order overview, material request and problem notifications Transparency about lead times and production data is a key digitization lever Digital worker assistance solutions empower cells with high product variability Digitization offers factories numerous opportunities to optimize processes and improve their competitiveness. Countless digitization projects can be implemented on the way to a fully automated factory. From digital checklists to fully automated lines, the sky’s the limit.  And this is precisely where the problem lies. It’s not just factories that feel overwhelmed by the monster task that the nice...

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5 steps to get a 60 min meeting to pitch digitization

Do you have manufacturing customers, but are not talking with them about how to digitize their shop-floor operations yet? Are you unsure on how to start a serious discussion about how you can help your customers transition to the digital age?  Then this guide is for you. We’ll show you the basic steps to get your customers interested in digitization, and help you organize a 60min meeting with your clients’ relevant stakeholder to discuss what digital solutions you can build for them. Before you start preparing how to address your client, take a step back and think about which...

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How to create a project proposal, manufacturers will love – a 5 step guide

Your customer is interested in a digitalization project? That’s great news! But don’t relax just yet. Because now is the time to shine, go the extra mile and bring this project home. So, what does it take to create a digitalization project offer that will blow your customer away? We have put together a five-step guide that will walk you through the cornerstones of a successful project proposal.  1. Focus on the value, not the technology It is so easy to just talk about tech. We get it, we love talking about it as well. But technology is rarely a...

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5 common objections to digitization projects and how to overcome them

Digitization is a hot topic in the media, but many factories are just getting started with it. When talking about digitization, are your customers often providing reasons why not to start with it now? Do you often hear the same problems and objections? Then welcome to the club. Selling digital solutions ain’t easy and requires tactfulness and sure instinct. But it’s also not rocket science. This guide should help you become more successful when discussing digitization with your customers. We have listed 5 common objections that we often hear when we talk about digitization with factories. You may encounter...

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